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Police Action on 119 Beech St

Date: 01/16/18
Time: 5:45am
Where: 119 Beech St

Yonkers Police Dept Narcotics Unit conducted conducted a Police Activity at the above location including the execution of a search warrant/s in relationship to an ongoing Police Investigation.

Our sources say that Police found 6 individuals inside the Apt including children ( this cold not be confirmed). While we were there we observed 3 adults been removed in handcuffs from the premises, at this time we do not know if any has been charged with any crime. We also observed the PD recovering a package that was thrown out from the window.

PS: Everyone is presumed innocent until found guilty in a Court of Law. The fact that someone is removed in handcuffs DOES NOT mean or imply that they are guilty of any crime.

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