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Please help us find ” Chippy “

Date: 02/07/18

I have seen flyers/posts about this beautiful dog ” Chippy ” that went missing 10 months ago. I have pets my self and know the pain/hardship that his parents/owners are going through. To me: my pets are my babies.

We invited Nelson Coelho to come and speak with us on camera about Chippy and tell us about it. We felt that we had to help him. Hopefully this video will be watched by someone who has Chippy or by someone who knows where Chippy may be.

At this point, all that Nelson wants is his dog back, there is an offer of $3500 to anyone who returns Chippy or gives information that will lead to recovering him, NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED but a BIG THANK YOU and the REWARD will be given.

Please contact the owner at 914.441.2027 or Yonkers Voice if you have any information.

PLEASE ” SHARE ” this video…..more we SHARE more chances we have to recover Chippy.

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