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Multiple Car Crash with Serious Injuries on Saw Mill River Rd


Date: 03/23/22
Time: 2:30pm
Where: Saw Mill River Rd
What: Multiple Car Crash with injuries.

YPD/YFD/Empress EMS at the scene of a serious multi-car accident with serious injuries.

Car (SUV) traveling North bound at high speed on Saw Mill River Rd collided with multiple vehicles leaving multiples injuries (One Serious)

YPD at the moment is speaking with witnesses and also trying to get surveillance video to sort things out and know how this happen.

On a side note: I am puzzled by the amount of PO and Detectives at the scene including Chief Monaco because Chiefs don’t normally respond to Motor Vehicles Accidents unless is something big.


UPDATE (03/23/22 at 4:35): YPD was following this vehicle and trying to get the car to stop (don’t know the reason). PD was ordered to stop the pursuit but vehicle took off at high speed until ending in a crash. Keep in mind that the fact the PD terminates a pursuit, it does not mean that the vehicle trying to flee with reduce its speed or stop.

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