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Mt Vernon FIRE leaves two FIREFIGHTERS w/2nd Degree burns

Date: 07/14/18
Time: 2:15am
Where: 121 S 11th Ave, Mt Vernon – NY
Mt Vernon, NY: At 2:13am this morning Mt Vernon FD received a call reporting heavy smoke in a house located on 121 S 11th Ave. Command car dispatched to the scene and arrived 4 minutes later, great amount of smoke found and this is indicative or a structure fire within the wall.
Crew entered the building and began evacuating the occupants, 7 civilians were removed from the building safely but two firefighters suffered 2nd degree burns and were transported to Jacobi Hospital.
Mt Vernon Fire Dept received mutual aid from YFD and Eastchester FD.
Source of the fire is unknown at the moment but Arson Investigators on the scene investigating.
Al Everett/Mt Vernon Fire Chief says that house suffered serious damage but repairs are possible.
Tenants were not able to return home to day or in a near future.

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