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Mandatory HPV vaccination & Parents Rights!!!

Do you believe that YOU should have the final say about your children’s health?  

Do you think your New York State senator and New York State assembly person agrees with you?

We are all about to find out in 2020.

A group of state legislators want to make sure that the HPV vaccine (Gardasil 9) is given to every child in New York who was born after January 1, 2008 in order for them to stay in school (public and private).  

There are bills in the Health Committee of both houses which propose a mandate for this vaccine. 

Senator Brad Hoylman is the sponsor of Senate Bill S298A.  Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, with co-sponsors Aileen Gunther and Felix Ortiz, are behind the companion Assembly Bill (A2912).

Many New Yorkers have no idea this is in the works.  There’s a group of us who think you should know, since there are only two months left before the vote in Albany.  We are horrified at the thought that our state government has the power to change our lives with one vote, and we don’t mean good change.

We mean the kind of change that could turn your previously healthy 11 or 12 year old child into a child whose body and mind might never be the same again, after being given this series of two shots.  Maybe after just one of the shots.

Gardasil was approved by the FDA in 2006.  The manufacturer (Merck) markets it as a vaccine which protects against four strains of the HPV virus which are thought to cause most cervical cancer (and in males, oral, anal and penile cancer).  The new version of this vaccine, which is called Gardasil 9, is said to protect against nine strains of the HPV virus.  

Gardasil sounded like a great idea to many people all over the world.  After all, who could argue with cancer prevention? 

The problem is, Gardasil has not been proven to prevent one case of cervical cancer.  That is an outcome that won’t be known for many years to come, as the median age for cervical cancer diagnosis is 49 years old – and the vaccinated population has mostly not come close to approaching that age.  

The bigger problem is, the vaccine has some very serious adverse effects.  Not for everyone, obviously, or it would have been pulled off the market.  But for some people, getting vaccinated with Gardasil has proven devastating.  Or fatal.  

If you don’t know about the VAERS database, a brief explanation is necessary.  VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.  It is a database set up by the federal government to track and analyze data on all injuries which are thought to be a result of vaccines.  Anyone can report an injury to VAERS –  doctors, nurses and members of the general public.  The twist is that if it’s a doctor reporting, he or she has to believe that the injury was caused by a vaccine, which means that he or she has to connect the dots.  

The findings of a recent study by Harvard Medical School showed that vaccine injury reports to VAERS represented less than 1% of the actual number.  What this means is that the Gardasil injuries already reported to VAERS translate into much bigger numbers that simply have not been recognized by doctors (as connected to Gardasil) and therefore have not been reported.

The VAERS database figures (as of July, 2019) reveal that since 2006, when Gardasil was rolled out in the United States, there have been 15,413 emergency room visits related to the vaccine; 990 “life threatening” injuries related to it; 6,309 hospitalizations; 3,031 people classified as “disabled”, and 510 deaths.  

Now take those numbers and imagine that they represent only 1% of actual Gardasil injuries.

Interestingly, VAERS has 687 reports of abnormal Pap smears; 344 reports of cervical dysplasia (abnormal changes in the cervix) and 179 reports of cervical cancer.  

How, one might ask, does the very condition that Gardasil is said to prevent against, show up in VAERS? 

One case that illustrates the devastation caused by Gardasil is that of Erin Crawford, who gave testimony about the aftermath, at the First International Gardasil Conference in 2016.  At the age of 19, Erin was administered one Gardasil shot as part of a pre-FDA approval trial.  That night, she became violently nauseous and incredibly weak, unable to move, with fever.  Within a couple of days, her lymph nodes had swelled up, and then her tonsils became swollen shut, requiring an ER visit.  

Erin started to get tonsillitis about once a month, for six months, until finally she got her tonsils removed.  Shortly thereafter, Erin’s menstrual cycle stopped.  She would faint, and she started reacting to all kinds of foods that she had never reacted to before.  Erin started to show cervical abnormalities and had a series of procedures to remove abnormal cells.

Eighteen months after the Gardasil vaccination, Erin was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer.  Over time, she had sections of her cervix removed, but the cancer persisted and eventually her entire cervix was removed.

It is important to note that a few months before her Gardasil shot, Erin had a completely normal Pap smear. 

After Erin’s tonsils and cervix were removed, a pathologist sampled her tonsillar and cervical tissue and found that HPV types 16 and 18 were both present.  The exact two strains in the Gardasil vaccine were present in her biopsied tissues!

It should be noted that Merck’s own data, submitted to the FDA in 2006, showed that administering Gardasil to girls who had previous exposure to vaccine-relevant types of HPV actually raised their risk of developing precancerous lesions by 44.6%.  Do the Gardasil commercials mention this?  Do the pediatricians who are recommending Gardasil mention this?  The answer is – never!!!

New Yorkers – you should be aware that young people are not tested for prior exposure to HPV before being given the Gardasil shots.  This kind of testing was only done in Merck’s pre-approval clinical trials.

It is known that many children have already been exposed to various strains of the HPV virus.  There is even such a thing known as transplacental transmission, where a baby is already born with HPV which matches the strain(s) their mother has tested positive for.  

Without HPV screening prior to vaccine administration, we could be looking at a substantial increase in cervical cancer rates during the next few decades.  

And this is the vaccine that your New York state senators and assembly people can force on your kids if you want to keep them in school? 

Children who have been vaccinated with Gardasil, all over the world, have developed various autoimmune disorders.  They have developed gastrointestinal disorders.  They have developed POTS, a condition where they collapse when going from sitting to standing position.  They have developed premature ovarian failure (which launches these girls right into menopause, if you can imagine that happening to someone at the age of 11 or 12). They have developed chronic pain syndromes (where they suffer from excruciating pains that never stop).  They have developed demyelinating syndromes (where the myelin sheath of nerve fibers in the brain, optic nerve and spinal cord has been damaged, causing neurological problems).  Some of these children have been paralyzed.  

You can go to the website known as sanevax.org and find so many testimonials from the parents of Gardasil victims, that you will not be able to read them all in one sitting.

Children have died shortly after receiving Gardasil shots.  Look upChristopher Bunch, who died three weeks after his Gardasil shot.  Look up Joel Gomez, who died in his sleep the day after his second Gardasil shot in August, 2013 (his family received a $200,000.00 death award from the national vaccine court).  These boys, and other children, paid the ultimate price.  

Why are there senators and assembly persons who think it would be a good idea to link school attendance with Gardasil, when HPV is not an airborne “disease” and when death or paralysis is a risk?

Much more can be said about Gardasil.  We have not even covered the manipulation and trickery by Merck in the manner in which their clinical studies were conducted.  You can look up the Slate article about how Merck swept under the rug many worrisome findings so that they were never presented to the FDA as being related to the vaccine.  

One last thing we will leave you with:  Merck did not present any new clinical trial results to the FDA when they asked for the newer version (Gardasil 9) to be approved.  The FDA did not see a need to review any new data, despite the fact that five new strains of HPV (new antigens) were added and despite the fact that Gardasil 9 has double the amount of aluminum adjuvant (AAHS) in it (500 mcg as compared to the prior 250 mcg.)

If the first version of Gardasil killed and otherwise injured such a significant number of young people, what will be the devastation from Gardasil 9?  Do your legislators even care?  Or will they blindly vote “yes” for this to be shot into our beautiful young children?

If you are as concerned as we are, it is important for you to make your voice heard by finding your district senator and assembly person and writing them e-mails and letters telling them you are absolutely opposed to a mandate.  You can also write to the sponsors of these bills.  And you can call their offices to voice your opposition, as well. 

There is currently a petition directed at Governor Cuomo, from “New Yorkers Against Mandatory HPV”.  You can find it online.  You will see that people are signing in record numbers.  

Article by Rita Cousin

The THINGS you May NOT know!!!!

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