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Man Tased by YPD Multiple.

Date: 02/08/22
Time: 8:25pm
Where: Riverdale & Vark
What: EDP Tased Repeatedly

YPD at the scene engaged with a EDP in the middle of the intersection (Riverdale & Vark).

The sources say that when the Police arrived, the man had a knife on his hands and was bleeding from his face, Police ordered him to drop the knife but he refused he was teased multiple times (we are told) but it appeared that the taser did not have much effect, ESU used the new version of rubber bullet in order to subdue the individual.

Folks on the street were saying that the man was shot but let me emphasize that he was NOT shot. The blood that was on the ground and face was there when PD first arrived.


UPDATE: We we’re told that some type of altercation involving this man happen on the 3rd Fl of 85 Riverdale Ave, blood was also found on the sidewalk.

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