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John Rubbo speaks with YV about the 2018 City Budget

Time: 1:45pm
Where: Yonkers City Hall
Yonkers, NY: Today we had an opportunity to speak with Councilman John Rubbo about the 2018 Budget that just passed.
Mr John Rubbo was very clear and said that he was not happy with it but our City did not have another alternative and this was the best of both options:
1) Major Layoff or Tax Increase?
Reports say that the City was able to prevent Layoff but not everyone agrees with that interpretation: 5 Fire Fighters Officers were demoted to firefighter position.
We also spoke with Mr John Flynn and he sees this as a form of retaliation agaisnt him and his members.
Button line is: Major Layoffs were prevented but we the taxpayers are going to close the gab. There will be a tax increase of 6.2%.
We asked Mr Rubbo about next year and his reply was: We may very well be at this very same spot next year.
Watch our full interview with Mr John Rubbo.


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