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Injustice in Mt Vernon, NY?

Date: 08/28/18
Where: Mt Vernon, NY
We spoke with a concern M Vernon mother (Tawanda Ballinger) who is extremely upset because she feels that her son Philip Ballinger is being falsely accused by the City of Mt Vernon for something he did not do.
Philip Ballinger is being accused of been involved in a shooting in Mt Vernon that left a man injured. The mom alleges that her son was not involved and did nothing wrong. She tells us that he was in a Yonkers Hotel at the time of the shooting, she also claims that she has attempted to speak with Mt Vernon Police Dept and Mayor Richard Thomas but she is not being heard.
Felony Hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00pm in the Mt Vernon Criminal Court.
Please watch the entire interview to learn more about her complain.
Please note that the opinions u see and hear on this video are exclusively of the mother.

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