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Injustice in America is done by design!!!

Today we had an opportunity to speak with the author of ” LOCKED UP AND PUT AWAY ” Mr Booker Geez.

Locked Up and Put Away is a true Bronx Tale about a father’s love for his children. Author Booker Geez goes from the freedom of the fashion industry to the constrictions and chaos working as a juvenile counselor for the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice. This book is scared straight on page, documenting incidents and interactions between the staff and the youth offenders that make you see that instead of rehabilitating these young people we are just making them more criminal minded.

After 10 years on the job Booker realized his greater purpose was to educate young men on the school-to-prison pipeline that exist in this country. Booker is now a advocate for change and shares his story in schools and community organizations around the city. Order his book “Locked Up and Put Away”on Amazon

Mr Booker Geez says that the revolving door that we so much talk about in our judicial system…..Is there by design and it serves a purpose, he also says that our system is not interested in rehabilitating anyone: There is no money in rehabilitating, the money is on the punishment!!!!

This interview is a must watch.

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