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How will a layoff impact Yonkers

Date: 04/20/18
Time: Noon
Where: Yonkers Police Headquarter.

As always: We at Yonkers Voice are determined and focused on bringing you the News that really matters.

Today we spoke with Detective Keith Olsen (President of PBA) about the possibility of a layoff affecting the City of Yonkers. This layoff would put about 70 police officers out of work.

We have spoken to many Yonkers residents and have not found a single resident who accepts and understands why our leaders would put our residents in harm’s way.

Yonkers is the 4th largest city in the state of NY but law enforcement is terribly understaffed. If something must be cut to balance the budget, the cuts should never be on those who protect us and keep our city safe. Less Police Officers EQUALS more crime on our streets.

Please contact you elected Officials and let them know that this is JUST not acceptable.


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