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FREE college! FREE Healthcare!

So everyone wants something for free, of course, but we know that’s not how things usually work.  Healthcare and higher-education as areas that we feel everyone should be able to avail themselves of.  “Obamacare” isn’t free though.  No matter how you cut it, healthcare in the U.S. is still not free.

The cost of college is also constantly rising, and that puts it out of reach for many.  How can America keep our feelings of being the best when OTHER countries have managed FREE college and FREE healthcare?

One such country that does have free college and healthcare is Denmark.  Huffington Post did an article back in 2013 on what we can learn from Denmark.  It’s slightly biased but it’s a worthwhile read.  They do have free healthcare… and college is free.

What is important to note is at what cost that “free” comes.  Because as we all know, nothing is really free.  Someone has to pay.  In the case of Denmark, you don’t have to look far to figure out who is left holding the bag.  According to TradingEconomics.com, personal taxes in Denmark are at 55.6%… higher than your tax rate, I’m sure.  Sales tax in Denmark is 25%… (New York caps off at 8.875%).

Now there are other factors to consider when comparing America to other countries.  Simple numbers alone do not tell the whole story but they do give us a starting point for a basic comparison. There are some truths in both of these articles; Denmark offers some free stuff that we don’t… and people in Denmark pay more in taxes than we do.

So while you CAN get free college and healthcare… it will inevitably come at a price.  Are you willing and able to pay that price?



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