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CSEE: Education Donne Right

NEW HIGH SCHOOL: The Inaugural Freshman High School Class Of Yonkers Charter School of Educational Excellence (CSEE) Made History Today As They Walked Through The Doors Of Their New School

YONKERS Last year the New York State Board of Regents approved the CSEE’s application for a new 400-student high school extension in the city of hills

QUOTE: Charter School Superintendent Cindy Lopez said “A school grade will be added to CSEE’s high school each year until the school has its first senior class in fall 2022.

FACTS: Yonkers only public charter school is able to save homeowners money by educate children for about $16,000 per student – while the Yonkers Public Schools (YPS) are spending about $19,000 per student.

CSEE has a waiting list of over 600 Yonkers families, because the Charter School of Educational Excellence achieves higher test scores than the Yonkers Public Schools.

CSEE Children are chosen from a lottery and reflects the YPS student body.

Often times the YPS administrators have falsely accused CSEE of “cherry picking” the best Yonkers students, when they know that children are chosen from a blind lottery

Another inconvenient truth for YPS administrators is the fact that are more ESL Students and special education students at CSEE than at PEARLS, which is the Yonkers Public Schools top performing elementary school.

Or the fact that YPS has often tried to hire CSEE teachers.

We wish all of the CSEE students the best as they continue their journey in Yonkers’ new high school program

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