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Core Care Center

Please watch this interview: Early intervention maybe the KEY
Cove Care Center formerly Putnam Family and Community Services is a not for profit founded in 1997. The mission is to partner with individuals, families and the community to foster hope, wellness, and recovery, and to restore quality of life by addressing mental health needs, substance us and social and emotional issues.
·Drug Crisis in our Backyard was founded in 2012 after the death of the Salomone’s son Justin and the Christian’s son Erik. The mission is to:
·Bring awareness of the rampant use of drugs in our community
·To recognized addiction as a disease and treat it as such
· To support families struggling with SUD in their household
·To advocate for better access to treatment
The grant was given to Cove Care and Drug Crisis in our Backyard in June and covers Westchester and Putnam Counties.
The purpose of the grant is to give guidance and support for families that are struggling with addiction in a friend and family.
Special thank you to Philip Michael O’Hara & Lilly Neuman


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