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Conversation w/Mr Nader Sayegh about Bill A-811 & Other Issues


Date/ 11/11/19
Time: 12:00noon
Where: Yonkers
What: Bill Proposal A-8711 and other Information

Assembly Bill A-8711 sponsored by Assemblyman Nader J. Sayegh 90th District representing Yonkers, NY will authorize the NYS Department of Transportation and the Motor Vehicle Dept to recognize autism spectrum disorders among NYS drivers with autism. The bill will allow for a distinctive mark to be placed on the driver’s license of adults with autism therefore giving notice to law enforcement officials and emergency staff personnel of the driver’s autism disorder. This will avoid any misunderstandings between the autistic driver and those communicating with the driver. In known impediments of autism such as difficulties in communicating and following directives which can bring about a dangerous situation, will be potentially avoided through this legislation. This legislation allows for an opt-out clause therefore allowing adults drives with autism to decide on whether to opt-in or out of this initiative. Assemblyman Sayegh will seek for co-sponsors for this bill and believes that it should be presented at this upcoming assembly session.

We also spoke about many other interesting and important issues.

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