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Attention….Black Lives Matter.

When a Brown skinned individual say “black lives matter”,  why does the “Light skinned individual”  always say in return,….” all lives matter”?  When, in fact, their lives has always mattered…   Source: http://fusion.net/story/170591/the-next-time-someone-says-all-lives-matter-show-them-these-5-paragraphs/

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Too much Tyler Perry….or Not?

A Maryland woman has been charged with assault after she allegedly poured hot grits on a sleeping man and then beat him with a baseball bat. Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/woman-arrested-pouring-hot-grits-sleeping-man-article-1.2325544

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Good Cops Vs Bad Cops

These Officers of the law, acted in a manner that was professional and non bias and showed no possible prejudice in nature. I applaud these LEO’s!!!! Regardless to whether or not the suspect was right or wrong, ignored, calm or disrespectful, the officers handle the situation accordingly (despite the color …

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She is 16 and wants to date a man who is 21.

Should whom ever your “16 year old daughter” chooses to date, be her decision to make? OR… do you consider this Rape?  Cognitively,  do you believe that she’s competent enough to make such a critical or wise decision,  regarding any  intimate relationships? Why or Why Not????? Source: http://www.livescience.com/13850-10-facts-parent-teen-brain.html

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