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Possible active shooter at Lawrence Hospital, Bronxville


Date: 03/10/19
Time: 11:00pm
Where: Lawrence Hospital, Bronxville NY

The call come as ” ACTIVE SHOOTER ” on the 6th Floor  (Maternity wing)
As expected, with in minute we had a massive Police presence (YPD/Mt Vernon PD, County etc) in the Hospital and streets surrounding the Hospital also present was every single major Media including Yonkers Voice (1st to arrive at the scene as most of the time)

At the end of the 2nd hours the situation was declared under control and authorities informed the media that this was NOT an Active Shooter situation. It appears that someone believed to have seen a man with a shotgun in the area  and called the police.

No shotgun/gun or weapon was found at the location and no injuries reported.

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