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2018 Yonkers Financial Crisis

Date: 05/18/18
Where: Yonkers, NY
Yonkers: As most of us know, we are faced with a major Financial Crisis in Yonkers.
Many services in Yonkers are on the cutting block and if a solution is not found quickly many important services in Yonkers will be gone by June 12th 2018.
Services that are schedule to be cut will affect our FIRST RESPONDERS ( Police Dept & Fire Dept ) and also Teachers, Library, DPW and other City Programs.
Many residents are not taking this crisis serious because we have heard this very same song year after year.
Well, for what I hear: THIS IS SERIOUS!!!
We had a conversation with our Mayor about what is going on and this video shows what he has to say.
Mayor Spano says that he is not asking the labor Unions to give any thing back….All that his administration is asking is for a FREEZE at this point for 1 year.
Please watch the interview and reach your own conclusion.
As ALWAYS: Yonkers Voice is FOCUSED & DETERMINED to bring your URBAN NEWS that is important and relevant to you.

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