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Woman hit and killed by a motor vehicle in Yonkers

Date: 12/20/17
Time: Around 9:45am
Where: Intersection of Ashburton Ave & Nepperhan Ave

Ref: This video contains graphic images that maybe disturbing to some viewers.

YPD responded to the intersection of Ashburton Ave and Nepperhan Ave on a report of struck by a motor vehicle, the young woman (17 years old) was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are not releasing much information about this but sources/witness on the street are saying that there was a fight involving multiple people others are saying that the boyfriend of the deceased is involved in her death.
We will release the official police report once that reaches our desks.

Our sources say that YPD has 4 man in custody. We do not know if any charges have been filed.
Sources also say that the vehicle used was stopped by Palmer Rd & Saw Mill Parkway.

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