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We have a HEROIN problem in Yonkers

Date: 05/04/18
Time: 2:45pm
Where: 455 North Broadway
We have a SERIOUS drug problem in Yonkers!
Not long ago: The President of USA himself declared WAR on drugs not long ago BUT has done NOTHING to fight this WAR.
The causalities of this WAR are Americans and HEROIN does not discriminate agaisnt: Color, Religion, Age or Gender.
There is not a day that goes by that YPD/Empress EMS does not respond to an emergency that is drug related and I must say the th lives that they save numerous.
In today’s incident: The call come in as a man overdosed on HEROIN, a few minutes later another call come in saying that he was turning purple. If it wasnt for NARCAN and quick response from our local Police/Empress EMS this man would have died.
As always: Yonkers Voice is focused and determined to bring you URBAN NEWS in a RAW format.


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