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The DRAMA at Mt Vernon City Hall continues

Date: 07/03/18
Time: 11:30am
Where: Mt Vernon City Hall
By now it is very clear that there is a major conflict between the Mt Vernon Council body and Mayor Richard Thomas administration and this conflict is preventing Mt Vernon from moving forward.
The people of Mt Vernon are demanding progress and the Council body of Mt Vernon are preventing it by not funding funds needed to accomplish the work necessary that will improve the life quality of the residents of Mt Vernon.
We were present at both Press Conferences yesterday and I must say the discord between Council body and Mayor is very clear.
Mayor says that he is ready to work with the Council body for the best of the City….Will the Council body do the same and start thinking that the only casualties of this are the Citizens of Mt Vernon?
They are the ones who desperately are seeking the improvements that they are blocking.
One of the arguments that Council body speaks of is that Mayor Thomas is not presenting/proposing real Plans for the work/funds he requires
Mayor Thomas says that those plans have been presented.
We have spoken to many Citizens on the Streets of Mt Vernon and what we hear ONE VOICE: The Council body is fixated on sabotaging the work of the current Mayor.
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