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” The Coward/Liar of Nodine Hill ” aka London Reyes

Date: 09/07/17
Time: 8:30pm
Where: Yonkers Public Library

It was only a day ago the Yonkers Voice sat at the platform to watch our encumbants and local hopefuls plea their cases to the people and tell us why they’re fit for office.
Of course Mayhem broke out at challenger Lying London Reyes . Accredited Reporter Robbie Mann and RuRos filmed yet another victim of the Reyes Regime.
A local resident who felt bullied, fear, harrassed, alarmed and said Reyes phoned her 4 year old grand child and threatened lives. The poor victim a Yonkers citizen stated London the Abuser “BEATS HIS WIFE”. The elderly woman cried.
Councilman Christopher Johnson refused to comment on camera, however confirmed he witnessed Reyes in an aggressive manor yelling while pointing in the seniors face.
It should be noted that Reyes supporters smirked and laughed as the senior wept.
We tried to interview Reyes and his campaign.
Reyes refused to answer any questions alleging hed comment after the forum.
Of course Lying London ran even after had told us that he would talk to us on camera at the end of the debate. Is anyone surprised that he LIED again.
Watch this video and get to know the REAL LONDON REYES….The one you see on stage with the pretty lines is the FAKE London Reyes
We want answers Reyes…..Yonkers has the right to know who you are and what you are made of.
One last question: Brian Harrod, what promises has Mr Reyes made to you?
Will he get you a Janitorial contract with the County if he is elected?
Has the corruption started even before he is elected?

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