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Joanne “J-Bird” Phillips: As a Brain Tumor Survivor

Joanne "J-Bird" Phillips - Photo Credit: Shefik

Joanne “J-Bird” Phillips Founder and Executive Director, J-Bird Music for the Arts #Resilience In 2012, Joanne “J-Bird” Phillips founded J-Bird Music for the Arts, with the vision of reviving arts programs by providing much needed equipment, instruments, and resources in order to enrich the lives of youths through arts education. http://invocation.co/show/performer/joanne-j-bird-phillips ...

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Sarah Dash: I Couldn’t Walk on My Own for Almost 5 Years

Sarah Dash - Photo Credit: Shefik

Sarah Dash Recording Artist #Resilience Sarah Dash’s first notable appearance was as a member of Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles. Dash has had a full career, moving from singer, to songwriter and session musician for famous bands that include Labelle, The Rolling Stones, and Keith Richards. http://invocation.co/show/performer/sarah-dash Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, the nationally-syndicated terrestrial radio show is ...

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