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President of the IAFF, Mr Barry McGoey speaks with Yonkers Voice

Date: 04/25/18
Time: 10:00am
Where: IAFF Local 628 Office

As always, Yonkers Voice is focused and determined to bring you News that is of importance and relevant to you.

As you all may already know, Mayor Mike Spano has submitted a Budget Proposal and if approved, it will have serious consequences that will affect our City.

Some of those consequences will be laying off 1st Responders and some Officers will be demoted ( Yonkers Fire Dept and Yonkers Police Dept.) and also Sanitation Dept and Public Services (Library and others)

We have talked to many residents of Yonkers and most feel that this is simply not acceptable and a work around must be found.

If this Budget Proposal is to be accepted and implemented, it will take effect this coming June 1st 2018.

Please watch our interview with Mr Barry McGoey and hear what he has to say.

Please post your comments. We want to know what is your view on this.

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