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Police activity at Warburton Ave (Larkin Plaza)

Date: 06/25/18
Time: 10:00pm
Where: Larkin Plaza
Let me start by making a disclaimer: I am reporting this incident as I received the story. Nothing of what I am saying has been confirmed but we believe that our story is correct.
At around 9:55pm YPD/911 received a call of 5 or 6 shots fired in the area of Getty Square, YPD also received a report of a possible suspect and the direction of travel.
Within a few minutes they had a man in custody.
We could not confirm if shots were fired of a gun was found on this man.
Note: Everyone is presumed innocent until found guilty in a Court of Law.
As ALWAYS: YV is Focused and Determined to report the NEWS that we feel is important and relevant to you.

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