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Un grupo de ninos en Mexico matan a otro nino de 5 anos

Five Mexican children tortured and killed a six-year-old boy in the state of Chihuahua before burying the body and keeping their crime a secret. Que castigo se puede dar a estos ninos? Source:

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Letterman says “Goodnight” for Last Time

Last night David Letterman said, “Goodnight,” for the last time after 33 years and over 6000 shows. Like the host, his last show was hilarious, no teary, sad, good-bye for this Comedian.     Source:®ion=Marginalia&pgtype=article

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Pope calls ” Mahmoud Abbas ” an ANGEL of what????

Pope Francis calls Mahmoud Abbas an ANGEL OF PEACE? Did the Pope lose his mind? What will all those Catholic Conservatives think? The Pope is the representative of Jesus Christ on Earth…..Did he represent him and millions of Catholic Christians from around the Globe? Source:

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