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Siedah Garrett Performs the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden

Siedah Garrett - Photo Credit: Shefik

Siedah Garrett 2-Time Oscar Nominee and Grammy Award Winner #Music Siedah Garrett has written songs and performed backing vocals for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Quincy Jones, Donna Summer, Jennifer Hudson, and Tevin Campbell, among others. Garrett has been nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Original Song. Who got game? That’s the question on ...

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Yolanda Franklin-Moore: The Environment Is Full of Happiness

Yolanda Franklin-Moore - Photo Credit: Shefik

Yolanda Franklin-Moore Fashion Designer and Owner, Xande Fadee #Happiness Yolanda Franklin-Moore is Fashion Designer and Owner of Xande Fadee, an innovative fashion and accessories line. Yolanda is a highly skilled fashion designer with a creative flare. She has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Aptly titled ...

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Tito Puente, Jr.: You Have to Find Happiness in Being Grateful

Tito Puente, Jr. - Photo Credit: Shefik

Tito Puente, Jr. Musician and Bandleader #Happiness Tito Puente, Jr. is a bandleader. He is the son of legendary mambo musician Tito Puente and the brother of local New York City meteorologist Audrey Puente. Puente, Jr. carries on his father’s legacy. Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, the nationally-syndicated terrestrial ...

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Melba Moore: Things Don’t Always Happen When You Want Them To

Melba Moore - Photo Credit: Shefik

Melba Moore Tony Award Winner and 4-Time Grammy Award Nominee #Perseverance American R&B singer and actress Melba Moore is a 4-time Grammy nominee and the winner of the 1970 Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical. Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, the nationally-syndicated terrestrial ...

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Dr. Hassan Tetteh: It Took Perseverance to Keep Going

Dr. Hassan Tetteh - Photo Credit: Shefik

Dr. Hassan Tetteh Physician and Surgeon #Perseverance Dr. Hassan Tetteh is a board-certified surgeon specializing in thoracic surgery, critical care, heart and lung transplantation, research and education. He is a member of the Washington Regional Transplant Community. Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, the nationally-syndicated terrestrial radio show is a ...

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Dan Bazile: People Will Be People

Dan Bazile - Photo Credit: Shefik

Dan Bazile Newscaster, Major Television Network Affiliate #Revolution In March 2004, Dan Bazile joined the news team at WNYT (a television affiliate of NBC), where he anchors “Weekend Today”. Prior to that, he spent several years as an actor and freelance writer before jumping into television news in 1999. ...

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