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Multiple unrelated shooting in Yonkers over night

Date: 10/25/17
Time: 2:40am
Where: 100 Riverdale Ave, Yonkers

YPD responded to shots fired in the Lobby of 100 Riverdale Ave.
When they arrived they found the victim (male) that had been shot in the shoulder and mouth and also bullet casing.
Victim was transported to Jacobi and he appears to be in stable condition at this time.

Suspect has not been arrested at this time.

This was the second shooting in Yonkers this evening and early morning. The 1st shooting happen at around 11:30pm (10/24/17) on Harriett St and Jackson St, bullet casing and blood was found but no victim as of yet.

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When you care about those u represent: Speak as Mayor Mike Spano did…U dont hide!!!