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Would like to speak w/Yonkers Voice about your Political Platform?

Yonkers Voice Central (FB) has been and will continue to interview candidates for local and countywide races. If you are a candidate or a representative, we encourage you to join Yonkers Voice Central and contact the administration for your spot on the calendar as we a booking spaces quickly. Yonkers Voice is the ONLY local news group that is doing this political video series with the option of a question and answer series. With it’s 1.7 million views plus tens of thousands of members, we can guarantee that it’s a smart move. Please note that Yonkers neither endorses, supports nor sponsors any candidates . Candidates please follow these simple steps; 1. You must first join “Yonkers Voice Central” on Facebook. 2. Candidate or representative must contact administration directly by email at: yv.support@yonkersvoice.com or by private text on FB.
3. Please make yourself available for our audience . We understood it’s a busy time and will work with you, so please understand our time is sacred, too. 4. With that being said, we are allowing the candidates to engage with their constituents as well, due to constraints , you are not obligated to do so. The platform will be available to those that choose to. To our members /viewers; This series is to inform and educate you on your local and countywide upcoming elections. Please, watch the tapes and make an informed decision based on your own judgement, as Yonkers Voice’s Political platforms do not endorse candidate . We simply keep you informed regarding your choices #YonkersVoiceCentral

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