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Let’s FORGE a solid Relationship between the YPD and the Community that they Serve

** Lets forge a strong and Positive relationship between YPD & Community **
The Mission of the AA is “To foster and maintain positive relationships between the Yonkers Police Department and the citizens of Yonkers by presenting educational programs, facilitating community involvement and engaging in ongoing dialogue”. I am also adding some bullets that enhance the benefits of the Citizen Police Academy:

1) CPA helps disperse assumptions and common myths
Helps disenchant the myths of Hollywood in the police work and interaction with the public.
Offers departments the ability to shape their own public image by opening the bridge of communication in a casual, open-minded and friendly atmosphere.
Gives the students an opportunity to learn about the department’s roles, as well as their duties and responsibilities.

2) CPA Foster collaboration and empathy from the officers as well as the students
Interactive conversations dominates these classes, which in time serves to humanize and sensitize the officers, helping cultivate individuals and group/community relationships.

3) CPA helps generate networking Opportunities
As a result of the CPA, five academies united and formed the Alumni Association.
We joined the Citizens Police Academy to gain a better understanding of the role and impact of policing. Most of us learned more than we ever expected.
We saw the benefit of breaking down barriers between law enforcements and residents.
We the see the potential for positive growth of this community with civilians and police officers working together and supporting each other.

4) CPA help boost the professionalism and morale among officers
Most officers feel their days can go without recognition of their daily efforts, provoking an attitude of disenchantment and cynicism.
After the CPA many individuals have made a point to continue the relationship, aiming to help when needed and acknowledging the danger of their work, while praising, thanking and
recognizing their duties and responsibilities.

5) CPA ultimate goal is to help produce a stronger community
CPA provides education and information that helps the community make informative decisions on controversial issues.
With the CPA training, citizens have a better understanding on how to report crimes, how to prevent becoming a victim, fostering a safer environment for the police and the community.

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