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Joe Pinion tells us why we should vote for him

Date: 06/21/18
Time: 3:00pm
Where: Yonkers
Yonkers, NY: Let me open this article by informing you that Yonkers Voice does not endorse any candidate. Our only goal is to inform our audience of who is who in the Political Arena and what they stand for, then its up to you to vote according to your Conscience.
Today (6/21/18) we spoke with Mr Joe Joseph Pinion III (Republican) about his aspiration and why does he think he is the right person for the job, Mr Pinion gave us a list of reasons why he thinks we should vote for him BUT that decision will be ours.
I must say that Mr Pinion is very articulate and presents his platform well.
Joe Pinion is running for the position that was vacated by Shelley Mayer
Please watch this video interview and let us know if he is YOUR MAN!!!
As ALWAYS: Yonkers Voice is focused and determined to bring you NEWS that is Important and Relevant to you.

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