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DRUG BUST in YONKERS: Operation ” Trick or Treat “

Date: 10/31/17
Time: 2:00pm
Where: YPD Headquarters.

Ref: Full Press Conference Coverage

Yonkers Police Dept had a Press Conference today in relationship with the execution Drug Bust that happen in many areas of Yonkers yesterday.

This Operation was conducted by YPD, US Drug Agency, Westchester County DA.
25 suspects were apprehended/custody. 6 suspects still at large.

YPD Charles Gardner says: We will target you, hunt you down and hold you accountable.
This investigation was on the works for the last 14 months.
Many of the suspects had over 300 prior arrests and some are gang members.
Close to 400 bags of heroin, crack cocaine, PCP, prescription drugs were confiscated.
Suspects are now facing felony charges.


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