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The Dishonest Candidate ” Latin-King of Nodine Hill ” London Reyes

THE DISHONEST CANDIDATE ( London Reyes ) Likes to talk/ask for HONESTY….What about you being honest for once Mr Reyes?

Mr London Reyes in one of his comments said to me: BE HONEST!!!
London: What about you being honest for once.

It seems like I am not the only one who thinks that you and ur team plays dirty!
I hope that the people of Yonkers will remember this on Sept 12th.
An dishonest Politician is NO BUENO and SHOULD NOT BE ELECTED!

” The challenger looking to unseat Westchester County Legislator Virginia Perez didn’t play fair in his campaign literature, an independent committee ruled.

The nonpartisan Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee found “unfair” three complaints against London Reyes, an activist looking to win a Democratic primary Tuesday and oust Perez from legislative District 17 in southwest Yonkers. Its the first ruling of 2017 from the group.

The non-binding ruling came after a hearing in July that Reyes didn’t attend.

The committee ruled that Reyes’ campaign literature falsely gave the impression he was the incumbent in the race rather than Perez.
Photos posted by Reyes showing him with prominent figures such as state Sen. George Latimer were deemed unfair because they gave the impression those people endorsed him.
Reyes’ statements that Perez was “conferencing and voting with the Republicans” was called unfair because Board of Legislators Democrats and Republicans conference or caucus with members of their own party. Reyes didn’t supply evidence to support his voting record claim, the committee said in its ruling.
Perez is seeking her fourth two-year term in the heavily Democratic district.

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The committee’s stated purpose is to promote honesty and fairness in campaigns. Watson did not attend the committee’s hearing on Parker’s complaints and did not send a representative. ”


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