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Confirmed SHOTS fired at Doyle Park

Date: 06/16/18
Time: 10:15pm
Where: Doyle Park (Ashburton & Walnut )
Ref: Confirmed Shots Fired at the Doyle Park
Yonkers, NY: I must say that I am impressed on how how quick our Police Dept responds to priority 1 calls.
Calls of shots fired at the above location were reported and with minutes the area was flooded with PO and County Helicopter flying over.
Police did confirm that shots were fired (casings found) but no suspect found at the time of the video.
We spoke with a eyewitness and he reported that multiple shots were fired, he said that at least 4.
No victim was found at this time.
Guys, and the Summer is just starting.
As ALWAYS: Yonkers Voice is focused and determined in bringing Raw News that other News Channels refuse or are scared to cover.

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