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Mt Vernon 2017 CityFest

Thomas & Robbie

IT ISN’T LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!!! Date: 09/16/17 Time: 2:00pm to 9:00pm Where: Mt Vernon NY 2017 CityFest in Mt Vernon was PURE fun and good times. Not a glitch, people having fun, families walking around buying, eating, dancing…Children with a smile on their face running around. This is ...

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2017 Local & County Elections


IT ISNT LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 09/12/17 Where: Yonkers As always: Yonkers Voice has our Community in Mind. We have been visiting local precincts around the City where we have run into several of our local candidates. We interviewed them and some of our local citizens. We will ...

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DACA Vigil in Yonkers this Evening.


IT’S NOT LOCAL UNLESS IT’S YONKERS VOICE!!! Date: 09/08/17 Time: 7:30pm Where: Lincoln Park/South Broadway Many folks got together at the Lincoln Park for a DACA Vigil to show discontent for the end of DACA. DACA and a path to legalization is something that I support totally. Councilman/Woman Christopher Johnson ...

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