N’Kenge: Promo 1

N'Kenge - Photo Credit: Shefik

N’Kenge Actress, “Motown: The Musical” on Broadway #Theatre N’Kenge is an actress who originated the role of Mary Wells in “Motown: The Musical” on Broadway. This Broadway darling was recently seen on television, as a presenter at the 58th Annual NY Emmy Awards. Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, the ...

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Kevin Smith Kirkwood: Public Service Announcement 1

Kevin Smith Kirkwood - Photo Credit: Shefik

Kevin Smith Kirkwood Actor, “Kinky Boots” on Broadway #Theatre Kevin Smith Kirkwood is an actor, known for “Condemned” (2015), the 71st Annual Tony Awards (2017) and “ #LiveatFive” (2015). He currently stars in the musical “Kinky Boots” on Broadway. Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, the nationally-syndicated terrestrial radio show ...

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Marco Pavé: Public Service Announcement 1

Marco Pavé - Photo Credit: Shefik

Marco Pavé Recording Artist and Social Activist #Music Memphis, Tennessee native Marco Pavé is a gifted storyteller and musician, whose love for black folks, Memphis, and the South drives his genius. Essentially, he is Project Pat meets KRS-One, spitting an urban country consciousness with confidence. Aptly titled Shefik presents ...

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Luisa Díaz: Public Service Announcement 1

Luisa Díaz - Photo Credit: Shefik

Luisa Díaz Miss Venezuela International 1999 (Miss Globe International) #Fashion Luisa Díaz is a Venezuelan beauty pageant titleholder. She was the Miss Venezuela International titleholder for 1999, and was the official representative of Venezuela to the Miss Globe International pageant. She represented the Sucre state. Aptly titled Shefik presents Invocation, ...

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Baroness Olga Papkovitch: Public Service Announcement 1

Baroness Olga Papkovitch - Photo Credit: Shefik

Baroness Olga Papkovitch Founder and CEO, PopImpressKA #Fashion In 2008, Baroness Olga Papkovitch (Founder and CEO at PopImpressKA) started an incredible clothing and accessory collection called PopImpressKA. She puts her original art pieces on silk, in a form of a quilt, and combines them with variety of materials. Aptly ...

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His Highness Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe: Public Service Announcement 1

His Highness Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe - Photo Credit: Shefik

His Highness Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe Son of HH Prince Waldemar Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany and HH Dr. Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe #Royalty His Highness Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe is an award-winning television host, author, recording artist, and actor. He is the host of the German television series “Astro Royal” on AstroTV, ...

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