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Brian Harrod ” THE PIG “

Date: 12/06/17
Time: 1:00pm
Where: Yonkers

The real Brian Harrod. Please watch this interview and get a sense of who this person is all about.
The things Christine Cuocolo are very interesting.
Getting involved with a person like Brian Harrod is a liability.

Well, well, well… It seems like the clowns supporters are dropping like flies! Folks seem to gravitate towards this schizophrenic, paranoid, worthless piece of trash because they enjoy the negative comments. (Sick individuals) , but don’t be fooled by the asswipe! Because soon they realize that they too are not immune to his sick obsessive cyber bullying. This video is a perfect example of how he turns on everybody. It is also dedicated to you, #BrianHarrod. Watch it and weep like the bitch coward that you are. This video is dedicated to a subspecies called #BrianHarrod, an unethical scum who calls himself a Guerilla Journalist, yet no one takes him seriously. He manipulates certain people, like his latest victim, his gal pal Carla Smith aka Dani Kelly. Please, watch the video and come to your own conclusions about the pig that runs Yonkers/Mount Vernon Newswires and you will also come to the conclusion that he’s just a jealous, obsessive, sick individual that either needs meds a good stint in jail or a return to the Mental Institution he was released from.
#Brian Harrod, you have my FULL permission to post this on all your pages!
Brian: On our next episode we will be showing the public the emails/text you exchange with Christine Cuocolo aka Carla Smith aka Dani Kelly where you specifically asked her to do search on John Rubbo/Maeve Scott, Anthony Pagano, Mike Khader and others so you could get dirt to use agaisnt them (SHAME SHAME SHAME ), did they know you were doing this????
Now you are saying that Christine Cuocolo is mentally unstable…Was she that when you asked her to do the dirty work for you?

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