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Brian Harrod expelled from White Plains Media Dept

YONKERS MAN (Brian Harrod, residing at 502 Whestone Ave in Yonkers), caught trying to fraudulently use the City of White Plains resources that are reserved for the Residents/Business of White Plains.

Once again Brian Harrod of the Newswire blogs has been caught with his sticky hands getting over on the taxpayers. We just received a personal phone call from the Mayor of White Plains himself. We also had a conference call with the City of White Plains Media Department and were informed that Brian Harrod’s Roundups (Yonkers Roundup, White Plains, Westchester Roundup, etc) shows are no longer going to be available via White Plains City Hall and its Media Department. After an extensive investigation by the media department, they found out that Brian Harrod was fraudulent in his application for the failed program. He attempted to defraud the City of White Plains by writing in his application that he had a business and address in WP when in fact he lied and was using a mailbox number instead. He lied and said he had a successful business when in fact he does not and continued to defraud the taxpayers with a smirk in his face every time he posted a show. The fact of the matter is that the cable access channel in WP is for taxpaying residents and business owners of the city. Brian Harrod is neither yet he continued to lie over and over again and tried to undermine City of White Plains and the good taxpaying people of White Plains by using their cable access station and equipment for free. He never paid a penny for his services, the taxpayers did. We have been informed that his contract/agreement has been revoked and terminated and any future Roundup shows from WP have been cancelled. We applaud the City of White Plains Mayor and it’s Media Department for their diligence in their investigation and exposing the fraud that his is. A home run for the White Plains citizens and taxpayers. We would take it a step further and make him pay for all the times he’s used the cable network for free based on lies and fraud, but that’s up to White Plains. We are here to just bring you news….
Please see attachments: Email send to YV and Brian Harrod notifying him of the cancellation.

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