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Ashburton Ave closed due to debris from an abandoned building

Date: 04/15/18
Time: 2:20pm
Where: 205 Ashburton Ave (between Vineyard Ave & Orchard St)
YFD reported to 205 Ashburton Ave on a report of debris coming down from an abandoned building. Upon arrival and inpection, the YFD found that this building maybe in danger of collapsing, building Dept and YPD also at the scene. Ashburton (between Vineyard and Orchard ) has been closed until the building is fully inspected by the Building Dept.
As far as we know: No injuries were reported.
As always: Yonkers Voice is determined to bring you News 1st hand. What you see is what went down. No sugar coating or twisting of words in order to achieved an objective.
Most of our news on Yonkers Voice Central is collected by us directly, we are not in business of copying from other pages and posting.
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