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Alleged reports of ” ASBESTOS ” at the YPD #23

Date: 03/03/18
Time: 3:30pm
Where: Yonkers Public School #23

Please note that the opinions expressed on this report ARE NOT the opinion of Yonkers Voice.
We responded to an alleged report of ASBESTOS at the above location.

We at Yonkers Voice feel that any issues affecting our children is of utmost importance, specially when those issues affect the health of those kids/teachers and staff.

We received a call from Mr Alberto Velazquez expressing concern for the possibility of ASBESTOS presence at School #22. He claims that the school was notified back on or around June/July 2016 but nothing was done/investigated and he feels that if this is in FACT ASBESTOS it would put everyone in that school at risk of serious health issue.

We called YPS (Public Relation Office ) on or around 2/28/18 to ask for a statement about this: They took our information but never contact us back.

On Sat 03/03/18 we received a call saying that Mr John Carr, a City Employee and a school staff were at the school, we went to the school and attempted to speak with Mr John Carr but he refused to answer any questions, about 20 minutes later we noticed a vehicle parking in the parking of the school,  the person in the car appear to be an inspector and he did admit that he was there to check on the ASBESTOS situation and he said that ” ASBESTOS ARE EVERYWHERE ” (You can hear him saying this on the video).

The question is: Is there any ASBESTOS at PS #22?
When was the YPS notified of this and what actions did they take?
What are they doing to address the issue?
Are the children/Teachers/Staff at risk?

Note: YV in NO WAY is confirming or stating that there is ASBESTOS in this facility, we are only bringing AWARENESS to the fact that there is a possibility of it.

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