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2018 Oath Ceremony for the Yonkers Elected Officials

Date: 1/1/18
Time: Noon
Where: Lincoln High School, Yonkers

It’s now Official. The elected Official that won the 2018 Heated Election took their Oath today at the Lincoln High School Swearing Ceremony. Now they will all go to work and fulfill the Promises made.

We at Yonkers Voice wish every single one of them all the best and we are counting on them to make Yonkers a City that the rest of the Country can learn from.

Congratulations to: Mike Khader (Council President),
Shanae Williams (Councilwoman), Corazon Pineda-Isaac (Councilwoman), John Rubbo (Councilman), Anthony J Merante (Councilman), Mary Ann Scattaretico-Naber (Judge ).

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