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Mayor Spano, lets find a better solution for the homeless situation (Part 1)


Mayor Spano, you are a Mayor of the People NOT of some of the People. For the last 3 nights Yonkers Police/Fire and Building Dept have made nightly midnight raids on Yonkers ONLY two emergency overnight homeless shelters. The two overnight-only SHELTERS run by the Sharing Community, shelter around 90 ...

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35 People (including many children) rescued from a distressed sloop


Yonkers First responders (YPD/YFD/EMS) were able to rescue 35 people (most children on a trip) from a replica 18th century sloop that became distressed in the Hudson River (by Yonkers). They were rescued and brought to Yonkers Pier. EVERYONE was safe. We heard reports that the boat was taking water ...

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